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Corporate video

NOVISTEM biotech company

Instruction for NOVISTEM’s clients

Askort company

Exupery Creative Center. Multi-camera


Center for Regenerative Medicine

Cell Standard

Car vlog 3

Car vlog 2

Car vlog 1

Video summary. Risk analyst

Video summary. Account Manager

Video summary. Public Procurement Specialist

Travel vlog (only editing)

The work was carried out according to the client's specifications. The client's wishes came first and could not coincide with my vision of editing.

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Episod 2

Episod 3

Episod 4

Episod 5

Episod 6

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Episod 8



IX music award of the channel RU.TV 2019

The BRAVO award at the Bolshoi Theatre

The BRAVO award in the Kremlin

Stars of Russian Radio 2019

BR Awards 2019


Motion design


Transport card



Chinese gadget master

Mishka shop



Instructions for taxi drivers

For events

Main screensaver

Background screensaver

The nomination

The laureate

The conference

Video report

Rim & Ariosto

Performance art

ART10 Love (shooting)

Wine degustation

Tarot deck presentation


Techno Cashier

Accountant training


Interview before plastic operation

Review of the partner company

For social networks

Shoot for model

Image video

Family video

Urban style

Ruined house


Sport motivation

University driving school


Children's vitamin D3

Promo video for plastic surgeon Gulnara Shah

Plastic surgeon

Wonderland boxes

Own advertising

Promo Instagram​

Green screen

Shooting and editing